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New Research Shows Possible Cause of Migraines in Taylor Texas

Possible Cause of Migraines in Taylor Texas Do you suffer from migraines? If you do, you are not alone. About 12% of the U.S. Population, which is about one in every eight people, suffer from migraines. The bad is news is no one is quite sure what causes migraines. The […]



Holistic Treatment for Migraines in Taylor Texas

Holistic Approache to Migraines When it comes to migraines, there are limited conventional options available despite the advancements of modern medicine. Most medications prescribed for migraine headaches are actually antidepressants, antiseizure medications, or treatments for hypertension. What if you want to find a holistic solution to your problem. There quite […]

Causes of Men’s Migraines in Taylor, Texas

Men with Migraines While migraines are about 3 times as common for women, men do still suffer from this debilitating neurological condition. What are the primary causes of migraines in men, and what can you do to mitigate migraines symptoms? Let’s face it, men often put their body through the […]

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Treating Migraines the Natural Way in Taylor, TX

Headache and migraine facts are staggering. Just in the US, 45 million+ experience headaches, and 28 million deal with migraines. In fact, children are not immune to this health phenomenon. About 20% of adolescents experience at least one significant headache. Headache Types Tension Headaches – This is the most frequently experienced type of headache. Usually, these headaches […]

Concussions and Migraines in Taylor, Tx

The effects of Concussions Okay, here’s a riddle for you! Symptoms of which condition appear within seven to 10 days after a concussion and usually don’t subside for three months but may not subside for more than a year after a concussion? Give up? It’s Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS). How do […]

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Drug Free Relief from Migraines in Taylor Texas

Migraine Pain Relief One of the worst pains a person can experience is a migraine headache, but medical doctors are introducing new medications to alleviate that pain. Here are five ways to help you get through that day pain free. Imitrex Maxalt Zomig Relpax Upper Cervical Now, if you suffer […]