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I’m Now Living My Life!

Taylor chiropractic testimonial“For 15 years I’ve had arthritis, bone spurs on neck and spine, chronic pain and fatigue and depression and anxiety. I’ve sought treatment from doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, numerous medications and even electro-convulsive therapy. None of them worked.

Since receiving upper cervical chiropractic care from Dr. Sean Seivert, I’ve had major improvement in frequency of body pains. It previously was an everyday occurrence. For the first time since I was 10 years old, I don’t have to take multiple anti-depressants everyday and I am functioning the same if not better than when I was taking the medication.

As well, prior to treatment, my back, neck, legs and knee pain would get to the point of not being able to walk. If I missed my medication on one day for my depression, I would be in bed for the next two…Now I’m out living my life!”

— Jordan T.

My Back Pain Is Disappearing!

Taylor chiropractic testimonial“I had severe back pain due to one leg being shorter than the other. This is due to a car accident and being hit from behind many years ago. These symptoms have been present for over 30 years while I was being treated by another chiropractor in Austin. Since seeing Dr. Seivert and receiving upper cervical chiropractic care I noticed the back and hip pain was disappearing. I now walk straight, no more leaning to one side. I didn’t notice it, but others did.”

— Donna

Life is Easier Thanks to Dr. Seivert!

Taylor chiropractic testimonial“For over 20 years I’ve had shoulder pains, and recently neck pain as well. I had knots in my neck and chronic shoulder pain. I tried massages and pain medication and nothing worked. However, since receiving upper cervical chiropractic care from Dr. Sean Seivert at the Taylor Clinic, I have much less pain, better flexibility and range of motion and improved energy.

I would like to add that life and stress is easier without as much pain, and Dr. Seivert was able to help my pain so I didn’t have to take any medication.

I am happier living without pain than learning to live with it!”

— Robert W

I Have Dramatic Improvement

Taylor chiropractic testimonial“I was suffering from upper back pain, headaches, digestive issues, exhaustion, foggy mindset and skin issues. The upper back pain, headaches and digestive issues have been persistent for 5 to 6 years. The others, much longer.

I’ve tried conventional M.D.’s, pain medication, other chiropractors and several forms of traditional remedies. None of them handled it.

Since I started seeing Dr. Sean Seivert and receiving upper cervical chiropractic care, I have much clearer thinking, more energy and the pain has dramatically improved.

I’m still receiving care, and I am sure much more will improve!”

— Sandra K.

Four months of headaches are gone!

Taylor chiropractic testimonial“For over 4 and a half months, I have had lower back pain, stress and almost daily headaches. I’ve tried lots of ibuprofen, but medication didn’t help.

Since I started treatment with Dr. Seivert and the upper cervical chiropractic care, I have no headaches!

I also have very little lower back pain and find I’m less grumpy.”

— Scott H.

I’m 100% cured and have no pain!

Taylor chiropractic testimonial“In 2001 I had a job injury with my back. Doctors could do nothing for me, but give me pain and muscle relaxants. The pain from my back and the shooting pain running down my leg hurt so bad. So I was told to stay home from work which I did for 3 months. It did help but that was with me doing nothing. When I went back to work the pain came off and on. In April of 2008 I was moving heavy boxes and the same pain came back. My brother in law went to Dr. Seivert and highly recommended him to me. After seeing him for 2 weeks I was feeling better. It is September and I’m 100% cured. I have no pain—thank you Dr. Seivert. Please never leave Taylor, Texas!”

— Yolanda L.

“I had severe frequent migraines and back pain from a sports injury. The symptoms were present for about 6 years. Prior to coming to Dr. Seivert I had been to other chiropractors and tried different pain medications. Since coming to see Dr. Seivert I haven’t had a migraine and my back doesn’t hurt as much and I am able to return back to the sports I love. I believe if I would have never received Dr. Seivert’s help, I would have lost my job and my ability to go on with school due to the extremity of the migraines.”- Tanea Bailey
“I came in to see Dr. Seivert with back pain that was constant, neck pain at the base of my skull. And frequent headaches. Since coming to see Dr. Seivert I have been able to walk more freely with out constant pain in my neck. The pain has greatly improved along with the headaches. Thank you Dr. Seivert, for rehabilitation chiropractic care that you have given me. I AM FREE OF CONSTANT PAIN!”- Sandra Obrecht
“I first came to see Dr. Seivert with Headaches, ADHD, Depression, and Body Aches. These symptoms were present my entire life. As far back as I can remember. Before coming to see Dr. Seivert, I tried going to other traditional medical doctors, other chiropractors, and naturalist doctors. Since I’ve been coming to see Dr. Seivert, I have gotten off all the pills I was on. I have had NO body aches, and NO headaches. Overall, I feel to be in good health and happiness.”- Laci McDaniels
“I suffered from migraine headaches that typically lasted anywhere from 3 to 10 days. Once I went through 2 bottles of Excedrin in two weeks. I have suffered from these migraines since I was 6 years old. That’s 28 years! I tried other chiropractors, over the counter medications, and home remedies. I received some relief, but nothing fully took them away. I am now getting far fewer migraines. I used to get them for days, now if I get one it only lasts for 1 day or part of the day. This is great because I don’t need to use anywhere the amount of pain relievers that I used to. My back is straighter and my neck is more in place. I think my overall health is better and I’m more in tune with my body and what it needs. My adrenal glands are also improving. “- Jamie Conrad
“I have had Migraine headaches and Fibromyalgia for 10 years or so and it was just getting worse. I tried all sorts of medications and injections for both. NOTHING WORKED! Now my headaches are GONE! I might have a small headache every now and then, but NOTHING like before. What a blessing! What a relief! I couldn’t get any rest from my fibromyalgia. I hurt all over ALL the time. I had tried EVERYTHING with no help. Now I have aches and pains on and off when I sew too much or do crazy things I shouldn’t do, but I’ve been given my life back and I’m much improved!”- Glenda Liese
“When I first came to see Dr. Seivert I had chronic pain, chronic constipation, Headaches, two herniated cervical discs, brain injury, and pain head-to-toe on the right side of my body. These symptoms started after a major car accident that took place on February 23, 2004. I sought treatment from various pain doctors, went through years of rehab, I tried neurologists, pain injections, duragesic patches, pain medications, and was told I was a surgical candidate based on my condition, but was too young. Since coming to Dr. Seivert, my headaches and pain have greatly improved. I am able to function better and longer WITHOUT MEDICATION! After many years, I feel like I am finally getting my life back. After a pain doctor punctured my spinal cord during a procedure, I had given up hope that any doctor could help me. I was prepared to live my life on pain killers and “progressively get worse”, as I was told by various doctors. I took a chance on Doctor Seivert and boy am I glad I did! I just wish I would have found him sooner! Thank you so much for helping me get my life back!”- Brandy Easley
“I would like to introduce you to Dr. Seivert. In January of 2011 I began having migraine headaches daily in school. My mother took me to our regular doctor for treatment who ordered an MRI. This all came back good, but the headaches and migraines did not stop. My family doctor prescribed pills for the headaches but they would completely knock me out. In February 2011 I had a vision check up to find my vision had changed. I received new contacts and gave them time to adjust thinking this may help. The Migraines continued. My nana, who is also a patient of Dr. Seivert’s, suggested to my mom that we may look at this as an option because I could not continue to take medication and try to attend school. I attended my first visit with Dr. Seivert in March of 2011. We discussed my active lifestyle and Dr. Seivert did X-Rays of my neck and back. We went back the next week for the results. I was confirmed to have scoliosis and that my neck was not setting on my spine correctly. Also, one leg was shorter than the other. Dr. Seivert gave me an adjustment that day on my neck and I am happy to say the migraines have stopped as of that adjustment and my saddle now seems to have both stirrups equal. I have continued to visit Dr. Seivert to balance out my back. My last set of X-Rays showed tremendous improvement as the scoliosis is not near as apparent as it was on the first set of X-Rays. I have not given up my active life style and I don’t have to wear any type of brace for correction. I do perform exercises and lay on my towel almost daily. Thank you for allowing me to continue to Rodeo and study without migraines!”- Tana Friar
“I had real bad headaches and my neck hurt too, I had my hands going numb when I did anything. I have had these for over 10 years. I have been to other chiropractors in the Rockdale area and they didnt make me feel the same way Dr. Seivert does. They didn’t take the time to listen to me and the pain didn’t go away. Now, my headaches are few and far between. My neck don’t hurt as much. The numbness is gone. Recently, I have hurt my back and Dr. Seivert has took care of that pain too. I enjoy going to see him. Since I have been going to Dr. Seivert all of the pain is gone. I don’t have that bad of pain.”- Teresa Lawhon
“I came to see Dr. Seivert with sciatic nerve pain, headaches, and scoliosis that I have suffered with for several years. I had tried OTC medications and other chiropractors. The improvements I have seen since coming to see Dr. Seivert are LESS BACK PAIN!, Not as much OTC medications, better mood, more energy, clearer thinking, and just overall feeling better! Dr. Seivert and staff have been a tremendous blessing to me and my family – including my 6 month old grandson!”- Paula Crowe
“My conditions were lower/middle back pain and pain in my shoulders and pain in my neck. My pain came after having my first child. It got to the point where I could barely pick my baby up out of his crib or carry him around the house. The pain had become unbearable. I could no longer function the way I needed to in order to take care of my child and myself. I tried walking to relieve some of the pain and also exchanged pillows to see if that would help. Nothing relieved the pain. I started seeing Dr. Seivert when my son was 4 months old. I have now come to see him 2 years now. After my first treatment I felt so much lighter and could function again. I am now 8 months pregnant with my second child. I have had no issues morning sickness with this pregnancy. My first pregnancy I had such bad sciatic nerve issues while pregnant. This pregnancy has gone much smoother for me. I have not had the back pain that persisted with my first pregnancy and continued after having my first child. I also have not had the large amount of weight gain nor the swelling in my legs and feet. My sleep also had greatly improved since starting my chiropractic treatments. My headaches have greatly subsided as well. I am thank ful everyday that I found Dr. Seivert and his services. I do not live in the pain that I once had experienced.”- Holli Van West
“I struggled with Migraines, Vertigo, Fibromyalgia, and neck pain for 15 years! I was getting migraine headaches weekly before coming to see the doc. I tried pain killers, massages, numerous visits to specialist and nothing seemed to be able to give lasting relief. Since coming to see the doc, I have had NO MORE MIGRAINES, vertigo only occasionally and not near as severe. I have MUCH LESS PAIN, I don’t need massages as often. My overall health seems to be improved and I’ve had improved energy. I feel better and healthier all the ay around. I will continue to be evaluated regularly to make sure I stay healthier and more pain free. Thank you Dr. Seivert for all your help.”- Cindy Whitmore
“I have had migraine headaches for 19 years. I tried traditional medicine doctors, pain care specialists, shots, neurologists, ect. And nothing seemed to relieve my migraines. Now, I no longer have to take daily pain meds, I can go out in the sun without getting a headache, and play with my kids. Dr. Seivert really is the best!!! I’ve been all over and no one has been able to help until now.”- Carrie Orts
“I am Maria Reyes and after my car accident on December 11, 2012 I started experiencing headaches, dizziness, stomach aches, and Neck, shoulder, and back pain. I had memory loss and forgot how to speak Spanish and could not speak well. I couldn’t remember how to cook. My hand would constantly go to sleep. I was not able to sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours. My skull would hurt and I was not able to fix my hair. I went to a regular doctor and she gave me drugs and said things will get better with time. I said to myself, “how much time” I had an MRI and two cat scans. I am a diabetic and my sugar would stay up from 300 to 400. Since I have been receiving upper cervical care from Dr. Seivert, now my sugar is not over 200. I have had NO Headaches, NO Shoulder pain, I can now speak Spanish. Now everyone can understand my English. NO sleepy hands. I can now sleep 7 to 10 hours, making up lost sleep. NO Dizziness. NO Cane. NO help walking. I now put on my own socks and shoes. My skull does not hurt. NO more upset stomach. The whistling in my ear’s are about 1/3 left. Oh….I remember how to cook, wash, bake, and care for my family!”- Maria Reyes
“My conditions were Migraine headaches which I’ve had since the age of 13, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome which I’ve had since the age of 12, past head and neck vertigo, grinding sound when turning head, and limited mobility of head and neck which I starting dealing with around the age of 19. I tried Physical Therapy for the head and neck along with anti-inflammatory pills for the neck and gynecological problems, and pain medications and Demerol shots for the migraines. Since starting care with Dr. Seivert I have noticed significant reduction of migraine pain and frequency. Mobility is greatly improved! The biggest area of concern was pelvic congestion syndrome….. Painful menstrual cycles (they found varicose veins on pelvic organs, ovaries, and uterus causing extreme pain – no known cure except hysterectomy. NO MORE PAIN!!!! More regular menstrual cycle! Anyone that has or knows of someone with women’s issues should look into their atlas being checked! I thank GOD everyday for the wonderful doctor!”- Stephanie Sweezy
“I had frequent, severe migraine headaches for 7 years. I made numerous visits to the hospital for IV’s resulting in more doctor visits and medications. I use to wake up everyday with a horrible headache and most of the time those headaches would turn into migraines. They were no fun. Since I started seeing Dr. Seivert I have not had any migraines, just very small headaches that even then Dr. Seivert can help with! He is amazing help! I was very skeptical about chiropractic care but now I’m a believer and recommend this treatment to my friends, and family with similar problems. The staff is excellent to work with too!!”- Kasey Bailey

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